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    When Is Most And Least Perfect Time To Go Through A Breakup, According To Your Zodiac Sign

    There is never an easy time to go through a breakup but some times are better than others.  Your zodiac sign can give you all kinds of insight into the best time in your life to make friends, go to school, get married, have children, and, also, when to break up. Not only can you learn when you should go through a breakup but also the healthiest way to go about it. Your breakup should be a lesson that teaches you to grow into the person you were always meant to be and everyone grows at difference paces and in different ways. Your zodiac sign can help show you which healthy steps to take and which steps you definitely should not take.

    Seasons come and go and sometimes relationships change with the seasons. Some signs are more likely to hold on to a dying relationship while some are more willing to let it go and start over with someone else. Some signs will break up with someone at the drop of a hat while others are so loyal that they can't seem to pull themselves away. It is important to know which of these apply to you so that you can be aware of your tendencies and make sure they are not used against you. You should play off your strengths.

    As hard as it may be, you may be at the point when your relationship should come to an end. For each sign, we'll go over the times of your life when it's the worst and hardest to go through a breakup. We'll also go over when it's the best and easiest to go through a breakup. Here's how to know for sure based on your zodiac sign.

    24 Aries: It's Hardest When You've Overstayed Your Welcome

    Aries may not be patient, soft-spoken, docile, or passive--but they're not quitters either. An Aries probably sees the end of a relationship as a failure and they will do whatever they can to keep it alive. It can be hard for them to see when it's a good time to move on even when the relationship isn't making them happening and it's not healthy. The best time for an Aries to break up is when there is nothing else that can be done to fix the relationship and it's time to move on--they just have to be able to realize when that is. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to fix a relationship but, for an Aries, it's important for them to accept the fact that you can't fight for something that isn't working forever.

    23 Aries: It's Easiest Early in the Relationship

    Even if they're fighting an uphill battle, Aries never quit. In fact, the less likely they are to win the battle, the harder they will fight to win it. Aries are fiercely competitive but not necessarily because they want to win but more because they just genuinely enjoy the battle. But just because they may enjoy fighting for something, it doesn't mean that it's healthy. Aries may act tough but they are incredibly sensitive underneath their tough exterior and fighting emotional battles will only hurt them in the long-run. This is why it's important for Aries to notice red flags soon in the relationship and cut their losses. It will be much easier for them to break up early on in the relationship than later on down the road.

    22 Taurus: It's Hardest When You're Going Through Changes

    It can be hard for a Taurus prioritize a relationship while they're in school or starting a new career. Tauruses are practical and pragmatic--not at all like the dreamy Pisces or the idealistic Libra. They care more about reaching their career goals than day-dreaming about relationships and romance. The Taurus is strong and stable which makes them a great partner but they have to learn to prioritize. Tauruses value stability more than anything else and when there are a lot of changes happening in their life, they try to keep those changes down to a minimum. Ending a relationship can rock their world even if the relationship isn't working. Tauruses like to see things through but they need to know when it's the right time to give up and when it's time to push ahead.

    21 Taurus: Its Easiest During Your College Years

    Tauruses are known for being hardworking, focused, and sometimes a little stubborn. In a relationship, they are often switching back and forth between being too available and not available at all. They appreciate a person who can be there for them when they are needed but can also give them space. Tauruses are persistent when it comes to working and they will do whatever it takes to be successful in their career. It can be hard for them to balance a relationship while they are working towards their career goals. If a relationship isn't working, it may be because they're putting most of their focus on school or work and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. The Taurus knows that prioritizing their goals is most important which makes breakups a lot easier.

    20 Gemini: It's Hardest When You're Still Experimenting

    Gemini has a bad reputation for being untrustworthy and unable to settle down when it comes to relationships. This is not always the case but they do generally go through a time of experimentation and indecisiveness which causes them to fall in and out of love at a moment's notice. It is important for the Gemini to understand that it is okay for them to follow their heart but never at the expense of another person. The symbol of Gemini is a pair of twins which symbolizes the Gemini's spontaneous personality changes--it can sometimes seem like they're two different people. A smart Gemini will learn to not let their emotions and whims get the best of them and if they feel the need to move on in a relationship, they should do it as soon as possible.

    19 Gemini: It's Easiest When You Know What You're Looking For

    Gemini often has two differing personalities--sometimes more than two. They're the kinds of people who will send you twenty texts in a row and then you won't hear from them for a week. They are often perceived as wishy-washy but, in reality, they have so many moods that they don't always know what they want. Commitment in a relationship doesn't come naturally to them and it takes time for them to have what it takes to settle down and meet their partner's needs. It's easiest for the Gemini to break up when they know what they're looking for and what they need in a partner. It may take some time for them to learn how to be decisive but it will be much easier to go through a breakup when they know what they want and how to stick with it.

    18 Cancer: It's Hardest When You Can't Control Your Emotions

    Cancers are known for crying a lot but there is much more to them than their frequent shedding of tears. Cancers are often incredibly empathetic and they put others' needs before their own. While their sensitivity can cause them to be emotional, it also causes them to be incredibly maternal and caring--while also being occasionally co-dependent. Over time, Cancers can learn how to control their emotions and not let them get the best of them but it's not something that can be done overnight. Since Cancers have a tendency to be dependent on their partners for emotional support and constant reassurance which can put a strain on a relationship. It's better to break off the relationship completely than to let yourself become too dependent on another person.

    17 Cancer: It's Easiest When You're Grounded

    Cancers are highly emotional creatures and, when they are criticized, it is nearly impossible for them to keep from crying. They have a tendency to keep their guard up and not let people in because they are afraid of getting hurt again. However, Cancers can learn to control their emotions over time and, as they get older, they should learn to let people into their life who they trust. When Cancers are comfortable with someone they trust, they will shower them with love, affection, and kindness. Once Cancers can learn to be optimistic and trusting, relationships will be much easier. Also, breakups will be easier too once the Cancer controls their emotions instead of letting their emotions control them.

    16 Leo: It's Hardest When You Hate to Be Alone

    Leos are fire signs which means that they can be aggressive, outgoing, egotistical, theatrical, bold… while also being a little insecure deep down inside. They enjoy being the center of attention because it feeds their ego and there's nothing a Leo enjoys more than being in the spotlight. in relationships, it can be easy for them to constantly look to their partner for positive reinforcement and need to be showered with compliments. While everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated in a relationship, Leos can sometimes take it too far by being too hard on themselves and depending on others to make them feel better about themselves. The best time for them to break up is when they are still learning how to be alone. For any fire signs, learning how to be alone will dramatically help their future relationships.

    15 Leo: It's Easiest When You're Confidence Comes From Within

    The Leo's biggest weakness is relying on others to provide affirmation and confidence. Leos are often people-pleasers who enjoy being the center of attention because it makes them feel better about themselves. This can cause Leos to be in relationships just to satisfy their need to be loved and accepted. It will take time but Leos can learn to find confidence within themselves--but it isn't easy. Leos have a lot to offer. They're passionate, fun-loving, and incredibly loyal to their friends. Once they learn to accept their strengths and their weaknesses, they will be able to go easier on themselves. It's hard for them to see that they don't have to be perfect. Once they can find confidence in themselves instead of from others, breakups will be a lot easier. When you don't have a strong and clear image of yourself, someone denying you love will break you. The end of a relationship won't erase who you are once you understand who you are and hold that image of yourself dear.

    14 Virgo: It's Hardest If You Still Don't Know What You Want

    Virgos are perfectionists and expect everyone around them to measure up to their high standards. This can be incredibly intimidating for the people around them, especially their romantic partners. Virgos have a tendency to over-analyze every situation and though they are persistent and practical, they can talk themselves out of anything. Before they settle down, they should try to understand exactly what they're looking for in a romantic partner instead of going from partner to partner, picking out what they like and don't like about them. Virgos can often find a reason to not be in a relationship with someone and that can hurt others in the process. When it comes to working, school, and being productive, Virgos are experts but when it comes to finding a perfect partner, it will take more time.

    13 Virgo: It's Easiest Once You Don't Obsess Over Details

    Virgos have a lot of good habits. They're clean, they're driven, they're loyal, and they're hardworking. However, they can sometimes work too hard, be too critical of themselves and others, and can obsess about the tiniest of details in fear that one mistake will ruin everything. These habits can be harmful to a Virgo, especially when it comes to relationships. They will find themselves pushing people who care about them out of their lives because they are unable to take control of their habits. It is important for Virgos to find balance in their lives and it will take awhile for them to learn how to juggle work and relationships--but it can be done. Relationships will be much more rewarding when Virgos learn balance. When it comes to ending a relationship, it won't be as difficult for a Virgo when they're not obsessed with perfection.

    12 Libra: It's Hardest When You Can't Convey Your Needs

    Libras have a tendency to be overly idealistic yet incredibly indecisive--it can take them awhile to know what they want out of life but they definitely have fun along the way. Though they claim to be independent, they secretly love to be taken cared of and they need to be sure to communicate that in their relationships instead of letting their pride get in the way. Libras can find themselves in heavily romanticized relationships that are based on their ideas and desires and not on fact. This can lead to the Libra waiting for their partner to understand and realize what they need from them on their own but, chances are, their partner is not going to be able to catch on. The best time for a Libra to go through a breakup is when they haven't figured out to convey what they want. Once they can be honest about their needs, then the relationship has a chance.

    11 Libra: It's Easiest When You Are Comfortable With Confrontation

    You don't want to piss off a Libra. They are known for holding grudges for a long time and they despise confrontation. Eventually, they should learn to let things go and forgive those who wronged them because grudges only hurt the ones who hold them. A Libra will go to great lengths to keep things fair and harmonious but they should also realize that they should not be burdened with keeping the peace. Libras will become exhausted if they care too much about making sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. Breakups will be nearly impossible for a Libra who is afraid of confrontation. However, when a relationship isn't working and it's nearing the end, it will be much easier for the Libra to break it off when they can confront their partner and communicate their feelings.

    10 Scorpio: It's Hardest When You're Not Communicating

    Scorpios are magnetic and mysterious because they are secretive and like to keep their cards close to their chest. Scorpios can have very strong and intense emotions but unlike the other water signs (Pisces and Cancer), they have trouble expressing them because they like to keep them to themselves. Scorpios make great leaders because of their charisma and ferocity--plus they love telling people what to do. But while they make good leaders, they don't always make the best romantic partner because of their trouble with communicating their feelings. Once a Scorpio learns to be more trusting and less secretive, they can communicate with their partner about their needs. Knowing that they've fully expressed their feelings and emotions on the relationship, it will be easier to move on.

    9 Scorpio: It's Easiest When Your Expectations Are Too High

    Unlike the fire signs, Scorpios don't just pretend to be confident--they truly are. They know their worth and they don't let anyone forget it. Scorpios make great and loyal friends--as long as you do things their way and you can keep up with their intensity. In relationships, they have a tendency to be possessive of their partner, expecting them to always be on the level with them--while they can be secretive at times. If Scorpios find themselves in a relationship where they are overly possessive, demanding, and controlling, it would be best for them to take a step back. Scorpios are fierce and passionate and they often expect the same level of passion and ferocity from their partners--which can be a lot for a person to live up to. Scorpios should take some time for themselves to be more forgiving when their partner doesn't meet their expectations.

    8 Sagittarius: It's Hardest When You're Not Tactful

    Sagittarians expect the world from their partners and it's their idealism that deludes them into thinking that one person can provide them with everything they need. Sags aren't only idealistic when it comes to romantic relationships, they are idealistic in almost every part of their lives. They want to say what they want to say without any consequences and they want freedom but also need stability. These needs and desires can weigh heavily on their partner and it will make their relationships incredibly difficult. Because sags lack tact and tolerance, they can lash out at their partner instead of expressing their emotions calmly. Breakups will be hardest for a Sag who isn't careful with what they say because it will always end in a fight which obviously makes breakups much harder.

    7 Sagittarius: It's Easiest While You're Still Exploring

    Sags are natural-born explorers and they love nothing more than an adventure. They have a go-where-the-wind-takes-you kind of attitude and it's hard for them to understand more practical people who focus on careers, relationships, and their futures. A Sagittarius person has the traits of the other fire signs while also being the most care-free of its breed. There is nothing wrong with exploring and going on adventures, as long as they don't completely lose touch with reality. At some point they need to focus on more practical things but, until then, they should take risks and reach for the stars. However, they should either find someone who will do that with them or go on alone. There will be plenty of time for relationships when they're done exploring.

    6 Capricorn: It's Hardest When The Structure Isn't Solid

    Capricorns love having structure in their life but that doesn't mean that they always have a solid foundation. Like the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo), Capricorns are over-achievers who value practicality over idealism. The mantra for a Capricorn is "slow and steady wins the race" because they work at their own pace but they are destined for success. Having a solid foundation is important for any relationship but no one values it as much as a Capricorn. Since they see everything to its completion, it can be difficult for them to end a relationship when it isn't working. Caps are stubborn and sometimes overbearing and that can cause a lot of strain on the relationship. If the foundation of the relationship hasn't been laid down, it will cause problems down the road.

    5 Capricorn: It's Easiest When You Learn to Forgive

    Capricorn is an earth sign and like the other earth signs (Virgo and Taurus), they are hard-working, practical, and disciplined. However, they are also the must stubborn of the earth signs and have trouble forgiving those who have wronged them. While a Libras have trouble forgiving those who haven't gotten justice, Capricorns are unforgiving towards those who go against the Cap's own set of rules. This leads them to be occasionally condescending and unwaveringly stubborn when it comes to accepting others who have a different set of rules. This is an incredibly harmful mentality to have in a relationship because the Capricorn should not expect their partner to live by their rules. Once the Capricorn can accept the differences of others and become more forgiving, they will have much more success moving on.

    4 Aquarius: It's Hardest When You're Not Sure Who You Are Yet

    Aquarians march to the beat of a different drum and are known to be unique and rebellious. They don't adhere to social norms and they want to be free to be whoever it is they want to be--which is why they generally get along best with other Aquarians. The only trouble is that sometimes it takes them awhile to figure out who they want to be. Because Aquarians are so individualistic, they can be seen as "weird" growing up which leads them to become outcasts. Once they learn to embrace their eccentricities, they learn that it's okay to be different. Aquarians, don't care about fitting in. It may take time but it's best for them to accept who they are (quirks and all) and who they want to be before they can be in a healthy relationship.

    3 Aquarius: It's Easiest When You Trust Yourself

    Most Aquarians will, at some point, have people in their lives who will make them think that they have to fit in to be accepted by others. However, Aquarians can only truly be happy once they appreciate their own individuality. Once they know who they are, they will be able to surround themselves with people who accept them for their unique qualities. Aquarians need to be able to trust themselves when making choices in life because they have their own way of thinking that others may not be able to understand. If an Aquarius feels like they need to break up with their partner, they should trust that instinct instead of letting others tell them what to do. Aquarians are very intuitive and should learn to follow their heart.

    2 Pisces: It's Hardest When You're Too Attached

    Pisces are emotional, compassionate, and dreamy people and they are considered the second-biggest cryers (after Cancers, of course). Though they have a tendency to get over-emotional, Pisces are incredibly kind and warm--they just have a tendency to get their head in the clouds. Because Pisces is idealistic, they heavily romanticize love and relationships--sometimes to a fault. When they are in a relationship, they can become co-dependent and clingy which is why it's hardest to break up after they're already attached. The Pisces will do anything to make the relationship work, even if their partner has lost interest. They should learn to recognize the red flags early on instead of romanticizing potential partners who aren't right for them.

    1 Pisces: It's Easiest When You're Feet Are On the Ground

    Though their symbol is a fish, Pisces almost always have their head in the clouds. Pisces is a water sign which means that they are controlled by their emotions and feelings instead of cold, hard facts. They often over-romanticize things in their life, especially romantic relationships and can expect more from their partner than they probably should. These daydreamers get caught up in fantasies and fairytales but they can only have a solid relationship when they accept the fact that life will not always be the way they expect it to be. Ending a relationship will be much easier for a Pisces when they have both feet planted firmly on the ground because they will be able to make more solid decisions that will benefit them in the long-run.