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    Zodiac Madness What's His Dark Side?

    When you first hit it off with a new guy, it all seems like rainbows and butterflies. Everything is going great, he's absolutely charming, you're having such a good time, and you feel like he's just perfect. What could go wrong? Does he even have any flaws?

    As we get older, we realize that this is a fantasy-nobody is perfect, and even the guy who loves you more than anything on earth will have some flaws. Unfortunately, it's impossible to see what could go wrong right from the start. It takes time to get to know someone and to understand all of their positive and negative qualities. So, how do you know if a guy is going to be worth it anyway, despite his shortcomings? Figure out his sign and it might give you a clue-and if you think you can handle his dark side, then stick around.

    16 Fire Signs

    Fire signs might be different on the surface, but these guys all have something in common when it comes to their dark sides. Here's the thing about fire signs-they're all pretty confident, and most of the time, they don't care too much what other people think. But when they're in a relationship, this can hurt them. Because deep down, part of them is still scared to be vulnerable. And because they think fairly highly of themselves, they don't always like the idea of commitment, especially when they're young. A fire sign guy might be thinking along the lines of, “Why settle down with one girl when I could be hooking up with different girls?” This can obviously have a big negative impact on a relationship. When it comes to fire signs, don't be swayed by the first impression they give you-you have to take time to see beneath the surface.

    15 Aries-Scared of Commitment

    You might think that Sagittarius is the flakiest sign, and they often can be. But the truth is that Aries has a serious problem with commitment as well. Aries is a very adventurous sign, and Aries guys don't really like to be tied down. Sometimes, they might be so infatuated with a girl that they go against their better judgment and decide to just stick with her anyway. But if his heart isn't in it, well, it's not going to go well. You have to be very, very careful about committing to an Aries guy, especially if you're still in high school or college. They're not so scared to settle down when they get older, but when they're young, they really struggle to stay committed in a relationship. This can be frustrating, because many of them are quite charming. But you have to guard your heart around these Aries guys!

    14 Leo-Show off

    Leo's dark side was probably obvious before you even read the title of this entry. Obviously, Leo guys just LOVE to show off. So that begs the question: is he with you because he really likes you, or is he dating you because you look good on his arm and it helps his image? Beware of Leo guys like this! They're very common amongst this sign. Leo guys really know how to pull off the whole “loving boyfriend” act even if they don't like you for who you are. If they think it helps their image, status, or reputation to be in a relationship, they'll totally do it, even if they're not really into you. Now, not all Leo guys are like this, so if your boyfriend is a Leo and he treats you well, no need to be worried. Just be cautious when getting to know some Leo guys.

    13 Sagittarius-Dishonest

    We already mentioned that Sagittarius guys (and girls) can be total flakes, but that's not where their dark side really lies. Sagittarius guys might come across as charming, spontaneous, and laid back, but they're hiding a dark secret-many of them might seem like kindhearted hippie dudes on the surface, but they're also known to lie pretty frequently. Why is that? Well, they don't take relationships very seriously, and therefore, they start off by telling little white lies just because they don't think the truth really matters that much. But over time, this grows into bigger and bigger lies, and soon, you could catch them lying about anything and everything. It's really disappointing that this is such a common bad habit amongst Sagittarius guys, because you would never know it at first glance. Just don't place all your trust in a Sagittarius guy right away. Wait to see if he earns it.

    12 Earth Signs

    It can be tough to imagine earth signs even having a dark side at all. In fact, they often come across as the most stable signs to date. What could go wrong with an earth sign by your side? They're stable, dependable, organized, and mature. They really do seem like the perfect boyfriends if you're looking for something consistent and serious. But don't be fooled-NOBODY is perfect, not even an earth sign. They can be just as awful as the rest of us! They're human, after all, and no human being is totally free of flaws. So, what's wrong with earth signs? While water signs are typically regarded as the most emotional signs of the zodiac, earth signs are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are not as in touch with their emotions as other signs are, and this can lead to some difficulties when it comes to relationships.

    11 Taurus-Secretly Lazy

    Now, you may know that many people born under earth signs are extremely hard working. If you've ever had a few Capricorn classmates, you know that they basically turn into Hermione when the professor walks into the room. But here's the funny thing about Taurus guys-they can actually be quite lazy. These signs do have a good work ethic, but unlike Virgo and Capricorn, they're not as attentive to small details, and they have different priorities. These guys could spend all day wandering in the woods without a care in the world. Dating them will be basically drama free, but they're also the kind of guy who could easily forget an anniversary, never try to plan a real date night, and totally space out if you ask him to pick up something from the grocery store. It's frustrating, but putting up with that is just the reality of dating a Taurus.

    10 Virgo-Emotionally Detached

    Earth signs can be very stoic, which is often a good thing-it means they're not freaking out over every little issue, or starting problems when it's totally unnecessary. Dating a Virgo guy definitely comes along with all of these nice little perks. Yay, a chill, laid back relationship! Right? Sure, until you realize that getting him to admit how he really feels is like pulling teeth, he never feels the need to surprise you with little gifts or sweet text messages, and sometimes you just wish that he was a little more physically affectionate. But that's just the dark side of a Virgo guy, and if you're dating him but you're the super affectionate type, you're going to be in for a long, rough road. If you're an over-the-top, lovey dovey type of girl, you better steer clear of Virgo guys, because they will just disappoint you over and over.

    9 Capricorn-Control Freak

    If you've ever seen a Capricorn guy in action in his natural habitat-his office, of course-you'll understand exactly what we're talking about. Capricorn guys are pretty much obsessed with staying in control of all aspects of their lives at all times. And being in a relationship with them can be a serious challenge. You need to give them time and space to mellow out before making things serious, because otherwise, you will just want to run away. It can be really difficult to make things work with a Capricorn guy. If you're too controlling, you'll just butt heads on a daily basis and never get anywhere. But if you're too laid back (looking at you, Sagittarius girls), he'll feel like you don't have the same priorities, and he won't want to pursue the relationship. At the end of the day, it's a loss for the Capricorn guys of the world.

    8 Air Signs

    Air signs are more comfortable with their dark sides and flaws than other signs of the zodiac. That can make it easier to deal with when a problem crops up. But it doesn't make it any easier to accept it when you realize that the Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius guy you were dating and had up on a pedestal isn't really so perfect after all. It can feel like a huge disappointment. Here's what you need to understand about air signs-you need to make sure that you're on the same page with these guys long before things get serious. They don't have perfect track records when it comes to honesty, but they're more than willing to communicate. If he just wants to fool around and you want something different, tell him right off the bat. And if he wants a relationship and you're not into it, he needs to know.

    7 Gemini-Cheater

    If you're a girl who has dated a Gemini guy in the past, you probably already knew that this was coming. Yup, these guys can be tough to deal with when it comes to actually settling down. Unlike Aries guys, who will be so scared to commit that they'll rarely ask you out in the first place, Gemini guys will convince themselves that they can TOTALLY handle commitment this time, ask you out, and sweep you off your feet-at first. And then suddenly, he's hiding his phone, he's going out at weird hours of the night, and you can never get a straight answer from him about where he's going or who he's with. Yup, Gemini guys can be serial cheaters, and it's a well-known fact at this point. If you're willing to take that risk, by all means, go ahead and date him, but if not, stay away!

    6 Libra-Condescending

    Libra guys may seem like they have it all together on the surface, but the truth is that these guys definitely have a superiority complex. And it's a little known fact, but it can make them some of the worst guys to date! Why? Well, they can feel threatened by a woman who seems like she's doing better than them. Yup. It's hard to believe in 2017, but there are still plenty of guys out there who act like this! Frankly, it's embarrassing for them, because they are missing out on dating some amazing and successful women! Libra guys can often fall into this category because they can be quite condescending. You may not even notice it at first, but suddenly, you'll realize that some of his comments that seem like “jokes” are actually negative digs at you and your friends, and over time, it can feel very degrading and upsetting.

    5 Aquarius-Materialistic

    Aquarius guys think of themselves as “different.” They're non-conformists at heart. They like to think outside the lines. They're boundary pushers, they don't feel a strong need to fit in, and they want to be seen as unique. So you would think that they of all people would understand that buying unnecessary things is a pretty pathetic way of trying to make yourself “stand out.” However, this is not the case for many Aquarius guys. Their deep, dark secret? They're materialistic! They do care a whole lot about what they look like, and they'll happily spend a large amount of money to create a certain image. They'll drop a ton of cash on records and other items that help them look “hip.” But they hate owning up to this! Some Aquarius guys genuinely do break the mold, and others are just trying really, really hard to look like they do.

    4 Water Signs

    Water signs are open about their dark sides. And you may even think that sometimes, they're a little TOO open. Yup, these guys wear their hearts on their sleeves, and at first, they may even scare you off a little! And to be quite honest, we don't blame you. Dating a water sign can be tough because if you're not ready to handle their more emotional, private side, there is no way that the relationship is EVER going to work. Water signs are going to lay all of their emotions and flaws out there pretty early on, so it's good to be prepared for that before things get super serious. And when it comes to dark sides, water signs can bring a ton of baggage. Are you up for the challenge? Not every girl is, but if you are, these can be some of the most fulfilling relationships you'll ever have.

    3 Cancer-Needy

    You already know that Cancer signs are sweet, compassionate, loving-you know, all that good stuff. But what lies behind all of that is a deep seated need for affection, validation, and reassurance at every turn. Cancer guys often show their feminine side in a world that encourages guys to be super masculine, and because of this, they can feel left out and insecure much of the time, especially when they are young. Cancer guys will be the ones who cry in front of you. They'll be the ones who open up about their fears and need you to tell them that you'll be by their side through all the obstacles. And this can be a LOT to handle-sometimes, it's way too much. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted, but Cancer guys can get a little desperate when expressing this need. You'll have to have tons of patience to date them.

    2 Scorpio-Throws Tantrums

    Ouch. You already know that Scorpio guys can be super emotional, and those emotions can really get the best of them at times, but temper tantrums? Isn't it a little extreme to say that these guys are the type to throw temper tantrums? Well, if you've ever dated a Scorpio guy, you know that it's actually not so extreme at all. You know that they can and WILL throw an adult temper tantrum at some point in your relationship. And it's not going to be pretty. In fact, it can get pretty ugly, and embarrassing for him. Scorpio guys will occasionally reach their breaking point and just totally snap. It's no fun to be around. In fact, it can turn some girls off from dating Scorpio guys altogether. When these guys get mad, they get MAD, and no woman wants to be on the receiving end of an attitude like that.

    1 Pisces-Immature

    On the surface, it can seem like a Pisces guy is the type that every girl would want to be with. Sensitive, intellectual, laid back, creative-yeah, sounds like a dream, right? Sometimes it can be a dream, and sometimes it can actually just be a nightmare. And when it turns into a nightmare, all your fantasies about how awesome Pisces guys are get torn to shreds. Truthfully, Pisces guys take a long time to grow up. Many of them have Peter Pan syndrome, and they never want to take responsibility for their actions. They might see themselves as “tortured artists” and excuse bad behavior because of it. Yeah, it can get pretty embarrassing, to say the least. Our advice? Wait until you're older to date a Pisces guy. They definitely need a little extra time to grow up, and you don't want to be “raising” them-you don't need that!