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    Zodiac Combos That Will Bring Out The Worst In Each Other

    Love is one of the best things ever… but dating is definitely not. It's pretty hilarious how different being in an epic, committed relationship is from going on bad date after bad date. If you're single and ready to find your one true love, then you know that you have to search… and search… and search. It's pretty exhausting, really, and there's no way to cheat the system. You can't summon up your dream person out of thin air, no matter how tempting and awesome that sounds.

    There's one shortcut to finding everlasting love and that means thinking about your zodiac sign and also that of your crush or date. While there are some zodiac signs that are perfect matches (or as perfect as possible), there are others that should seriously never even look at each other, let alone attempt that crazy thing called love. Read on to find out the zodiac signs that bring out the WORST in each other and should never, ever fall in love!

    15 Virgo And Virgo

    It might sound funny to think about two people with the same zodiac sign dating, but it totally happens. It's not like you ask someone for their zodiac sign before you agree to go out with them. You definitely find out about their birthday and therefore their zodiac sign much further down the line.

    Virgos pretty much suck at dating each other. Why? Because they tend to see each other in a super negative light. That can really ruin a relationship… or can end things before they even truly begin. According to zodiac experts, two Virgos should never date because they might not actually care about each other. Virgos are very smart, logical people and so they might stay in a romantic situation not because they have real feelings for the other person but because it makes sense for them to date them. You know, it's the whole "this person looks really good on paper" thing.

    14 Taurus And Virgo

    These two signs should pretty much never even think about dating each other. At first, they might think that a casual hookup is totally fine since they have an attraction to each other, but before they know it, they will realize that this was a huge mistake.

    Virgos are known for overthinking and that's the reason that they're not supposed to do very well in a romantic relationship with a Taurus. If you're a Virgo, then you know that to be true, and you probably struggle with your tendency to overthink on a regular basis. When it comes to dating, you're kind of a hot mess. You're going to overthink yourself away from the Taurus, basically, who is going to freak out and start to get really insecure. Sounds pretty horrible, don't you agree?!

    13 Aquarius And Sagittarius

    If you're one of these zodiac signs, you definitely don't want to try to date the other one. Why? Because while these signs are pretty dynamic in the bedroom, they're not a match made in heaven when it comes to a serious relationship.

    The Sagittarius sign is said to be very easily distracted, which makes them anything but the perfect partner, and the Aquarius sign is said to be cool with commitment and dating the same person for a while. As you can tell, that's bad news for both of them. You've probably dated someone that didn't want to be your boyfriend before and so you know how painful that can be. If you can steer clear of that kind of heartache (and all the ice cream eating that comes with it), you would totally date another zodiac sign, so consider this your warning.

    12 Virgo And Aries

    These two signs are said to have totally different approaches to the, um, more intimate aspects of relationships. Because of what the sign is represented by, according to the zodiac, this sign is never super wild in bed. They're more reserved and more interested in the emotional side of things. Aries are much more comfortable with getting down and dirty. So you can already see how these two signs might not have the best time if they decided to hook up. It would be kind of awkward.

    Virgos and Aries also wouldn't get along on a real date (you know, outside of the bedroom… ) because the Aries sign is just way too harsh and prone to being in an unhappy mood. While Virgos are very cautious about how they live their life, Aries is totally the opposite and have a ton of courage. It just doesn't work and the Virgo will probably end up feeling pretty insecure because they aren't as into adventure as the Aries. It's never a good idea to change your personality or lifestyle for a potential love interest. You totally need to find someone who will like you the way that you are.

    11 Gemini And Cancer

    If you're a Gemini and your crush is a Cancer (or vice versa), sorry to tell you this but you might find that you totally bring out the worst in each other.

    They apparently suck at having a normal conversation because Geminis are more into talking than hearing what the other person has to say, and Cancers aren't going to be thrilled about that (which totally makes sense). Geminis also don't like talking about their feelings, which is not good news for someone who wants to date them. You kind of have to talk about feelings in a relationship. It's kind of a thing. So what about more physical things? These two signs aren't great at hooking up, either, because Cancers are cool with having one partner and a more "normal" love life, and Gemini are up for absolutely anything.

    10 Leo And Capricorn

    According to the information out there, Leo and Capricorn really aren't a good match. They won't be able to relate to each other or have honest, real, raw conversations.

    If you're a Capricorn and you want to hear how your Leo boyfriend feels about you, he just won't be able to tell you. He won't be able to tell you the truth about his feelings, even if he does care about you. You're cool with waiting a long time for something and you're pretty great at being in a mature relationship that means sharing feelings and things like that. You're going to hate being with a Leo since he can't give you anything that you need. You are also both said to suck at being in a relationship together because you are both very set in your ways. As you probably know, relationships are all about give and take, and if both people refuse to give into the other person's demands, that's pretty much a huge disaster.

    9 Aquarius And Scorpio

    What do you think the most important thing is in a relationship? People usually say communication, but being able to trust someone is also a big thing. And for Aquarius and Scorpio, they just don't trust one another, and that spells romantic doom.

    Zodiac experts think it's kind of funny that these two signs don't get along at all since they are both very blunt people. But they should never, ever be in a serious relationship. Aquarius are known for being very brash and harsh and independent. If their Scorpio partner thinks that they need to be less independent since they are dating, that's not going to go over very well with the Aquarius who is going to totally freak out. Things are going to get super ugly. Well, at least according to the experts. But you probably don't want to give this one a try, do you?!

    8 Libra And Scorpio

    Libras have a lot of things going for them. They're super sweet and hate when things aren't fair. All they want is for people to get what they deserve, whether that's good or bad, because fairness is one of the most important things ever to them. But Libras should never date Scorpios. It's just not a good idea.

    As mentioned above, trust is a huge deal in any romantic relationship, and zodiac experts say that a Scorpio would never be able to feel secure if they dated a Libra. Libras are super confident and really want to feel like everyone around them thinks that they're hot. That won't work out well since their partner is going to freak out about that and wonder if something is going on. There just wouldn't be enough trust in order for their romance to work out in the end. Thankfully, there are so many other zodiac signs that both the Libra and the Scorpio can date.

    7 Sagittarius And Pisces

    These two would totally suck as a couple. They're basically total and complete opposites. Sure, people say that opposites attract but that's seriously up for debate. At least according to the zodiac, opposites can be a really bad match.

    Sagittarius people are really into travel. They are absolutely nuts for it. If they could travel every day of every year, they would. That would be their dream life. That means, of course, that they are very spontaneous and adventurous, and that they bring those qualities to any relationship that they embark on. The Pisces will totally hate that since if a Pisces person can be described in one term, it would be emotional. They are incredibly into their emotions and sharing them and talking about them. These two would just drive each other crazy.

    6 Cancer And Libra

    These two signs might have a good time right at the beginning of a relationship. After all, it's pretty easy to have fun when you've just started seeing someone. You're grabbing drinks, getting to know each other, and yeah, making out. See? Fun. There's not much that you have to worry about (or that you should worry about since you should be thrilled that you've finally met a really cool person).

    But if they want to enter a more serious, committed, long-term relationship, Cancer and Libra should seriously think twice about it. Cancers are super interested in a committed relationship and really want to hang out at home with their person. If anyone in the zodiac is a homebody, it's totally them. Libras aren't so interested in that and they really love being social. A homebody and a social butterfly? Not exactly the best match ever.

    5 Taurus And Gemini

    Sure, there is definitely more to a relationship than being intimate, but of course being physically intimate with your partner is a pretty important thing. If there's just no magic in the bedroom or you're having problems, you probably aren't a good match.

    Taurus and Gemini are said to be really terrible matches for each other and zodiac experts say it's all because of how they are in the bedroom. They are just totally different in their approaches to getting busy. Taurus people really enjoy the whole intimate experience. They are big on cuddles and getting close to their person. Geminis, on the other hand, aren't going to stick around longer than it takes for the actual, you know, physical act. They just don't care that much about having that kind of connection. You can see how this would be the worst, right?!

    4 Aquarius And Cancer

    These two signs aren't well matched in the bedroom, either, so they should think twice before getting involved.

    If you're an Aquarius sign, then you know that you are pretty stubborn. You've probably heard that a million times. You like to be in control and in charge and you hate when things are dull. Cancers aren't a good romantic interest for you because they only want to sleep with someone that they actually care about. The Aquarius doesn't feel that way. When you have one person that is cool with casual fun and the other person wants to actually feel something, it's not a smart idea. These two signs bring out the worst in each other and really need to find other zodiac signs so they can get what they want and need out of a relationship. If you're an Aquarius and are crushing on a Cancer sign, it's just something to keep in mind…

    3 Capricorn And Leo

    These two signs are said to have a horrible time attempting anything in the bedroom because they are going to find things dull and uninteresting. That definitely doesn't sound like any fun.

    Leo signs are said to be very into the physical side of things when they're in a relationship, whereas Capricorns are more reserved. When they get together, it can be kind of a disaster since they are so different. They also won't be able to talk about their feelings, and since that's a huge part of any relationship, they're both going to hate how awkward things are. It's really tough for these two signs to really and truly get each other. Experts don't think that these signs have much in common in terms of the things that they like to do on a regular basis.

    2 Pisces And Leo

    When you look at the traits of a Leo, it's kind of tough to imagine them being able to date a lot of other signs. Think about it: Leos are super confident, said to be like lions, and tend to like being in control. It seems like they would turn off a lot of other people.

    The Leo will definitely turn off the Pisces and these two won't be able to make a love connection work. The Pisces might not even be able to hook up with the Leo since they will get super insecure and self-conscious. It's going to be awkward AF and not what anyone wants to happen. They also won't get along in other ways and won't be able to really communicate or understand each other.

    1 Aquarius And Virgo

    As you can see, Virgo signs don't match well with a lot of the other zodiac signs, and they definitely should never date an Aquarius. If you're a Virgo, then you definitely have to watch out for an Aquarius partner.

    The most important thing that you should know is that they won't be able to stand your personality. That might sound super harsh (because, well, it is) but it's the honest truth. Being a Virgo means that you think about things… and you think about them a lot. You can't stop, really, and you often get totally freaked out and worried about things that aren't even problems. An Aquarius person won't want to listen to that and won't think that it's cool. Basically, experts say that you would never even want to be with an Aquarius because you wouldn't find them cute and vice versa. It definitely doesn't sound like wedding bells are in your future.