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    Your Go-To Bedroom Antic (Him & Hers), Based On Your Zodiac

    Every sign of the zodiac has its own personality, with its own set of personality traits. Some are more nervous and high-maintenance than others, whereas other zodiac signs prefer to go with the flow and take things as they come. Each sign within the zodiac has different strengths and weaknesses, and some work together better than others - depending on the situation.

    Then, of course, we have how they take on the bedroom.

    Doing the deed is a big deal, and while everyone is different depending on who they are as people, their zodiac signs can lend a bit of insight into what they like (and, perhaps more importantly, what they don't like) between the sheets. With that in mind, we decided to investigate what each zodiac sign likes to use as their go-to move when it comes to getting it in. And, to add a little bit extra, we've divided it between his and hers, because we all think differently! Figuring out what your crush's zodiac sign might be into could help you out when you're wondering what to expect once you guys start to get busy, so put your curiosities to rest and learn all about them here!

    His Best Antic, Based On His Sign: 

    24 Aries Man: He's A Passionate Kisser

    To be a good kisser, you need a heavy dose of confidence, and that's something the Aries man has in spades. They don't ask you for permission, they just go for it. Guys born under this sign of the zodiac are also incredibly passionate, so you're likely to have a hot and heavy make-out session rather than just a chaste kiss on the lips. This guy knows that he need to warm things up before starting to get intimate, which is why he uses his mouth to show you exactly where his mind is at. While foreplay isn't the forte of guys born under this sign, they definitely don't skimp on the kissing part. Not only are they good at it, but they genuinely enjoy heating things up a little slowly.

    Whether it takes place in the bedroom or happens well outside of his apartment door, passionate kissing is one of the greatest talents of the Aries lover.

    23 Taurus Man: His Ability To Go Slow & Steady

    Getting it on with a Taurus man means you'd better be ready for a long, languorous experience, because these guys like to take their sweet time. One of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, men born under Taurus hate to be rushed in any aspect of their lives, including doing the dirty. They'd much rather enjoy an entire evening (or afternoon, or morning) enjoying the body of their SO while exploring everything they have to offer.

    Thanks to the stamina of men under this zodiac (they are the sign of the ox, after all), a Taurus guy can go all night with energy to spare! Getting into a tantric way of being is totally in his wheelhouse, but he also wants to make sure that he gives you that much-needed payoff, because otherwise he'd be wasting yours - and his - time. Slow and steady definitely wins this race, but the Taurus dude isn't in any rush.

    22 Gemini Man: He Embraces Role Play

    Thanks to the dual personalities of the Gemini guy, he's very interested in taking on different personas in the bedroom. Playful and affectionate, a Gemini man loves the taboo and excitement that comes from pretending to be someone else, and since he's naturally curious and adaptable, he's open to a variety of scenarios and will take away any potential awkwardness by bringing it up himself! He likes to have a good time in the sack, and doesn't necessarily consider it so always be intimate and sentimental.

    Unlike some other signs, bedroom action with a Gemini guy is never boring, because this dude can't stand repetition. He loves to spice things up with costumes and elaborate role-playing scenarios, from the classic teacher-student and doctor-nurse scenarios to more fantastical ones that only he would dream up. Creativity and adventure abound with this guy, who will never make it seem like you're with the same person the whole time.

    21 Cancer Man: He's The Selfless Type

    If you feel like you're in need of being taken care of in the bedroom, you definitely want to call up a Cancer guy, because men born under this sign love to please a woman. Sensitive and emotional, Cancer dudes also have a strong empathetic streak that sees them putting aside their needs in favour of other people's - and that couldn't be more true than when he's between the sheets!

    When it comes to the bedroom, the Cancer guy likes to provide his lady love with some intense oral stimulation, because they want to make her feel good. Occasionally, guys born under this sign of the zodiac are prone to manipulation and emotional game-playing, which might be part of the reason why he wants to blow your mind - you'll keep coming back for more! An unforgettable experience is what this sign promises to deliver and he hasn't disappointed anyone yet!

    20 Leo Man: For Him, Patience Is A Virtue

    Fortunately for their lovers, Leo men aren't self-centred when it comes to the bedroom. Despite being known as the show-offs of the zodiac, Leo guys are more interested in being appreciated and admired by others, and what better way to ensure that happens than by giving their girl an unforgettable roll in the hay?

    While Leo is known for being lazy in their regular life, things do a complete 180 when it comes to the bedroom. They love to show what they're made of, but they also understand that this isn't all about them (a rare occurrence). Instead, the passionate and generous nature of their star sign takes control and Leo lads will patiently and thoroughly ensure that their girl has an amazing time. If she decides to brag to all her friends about the Adonis she experienced between the sheets, then that's something added to stroke the Leo's massive ego!

    19 Virgo Man: He Reads You Like A Book

    When it comes to making love and doing the dirty, having a Virgo guy between the sheets in one of the best-case scenarios! Thanks to their analytical nature, guys born under Virgo knows exactly what you want and exactly how to give it to you. He's so attuned to your needs and desires that he can read you like a book and give you exactly what you're looking for. No stone goes unturned when a Virgo is getting frisky between the sheets!

    Virgo dudes know that to have a truly good time, you have to be comfortable, because it's what they need also. They will take their time to make a girl feel good and pay such extreme attention to detail that they take mental account of everything that makes you tick and turns you on. Unlike the boring reputation they're too often saddled with, a Virgo guy is one of the strongest and most selfless signs of the zodiac when they're getting it on.

    18 Libra Man: He Definitely Believes In "Twice As Nice"

    Libra dudes love to get it on. Thanks to being under the ruling planet of Venus, guys born under Libra are all about love, passion, and beauty. When it comes to doing the deed, then, once is never enough. They always want more, and since they are naturally prone to partnered or team-based settings, they crave being with someone else, the yin to someone's yang.

    Libra men in particular can be insatiable when they're knocking boots, and will propose the idea of going for round two immediately after finishing! Whether it's an afternoon quickie or a sensual, long-lasting horizontal tango, Libra guys are still raring to go. Their enthusiasm for doing the deed is definitely a turn-on, and besides, since they had such a good time the first go-around, they figure it's only fair to share the joy a second time, too! (And, since these guys are all about fairness and justice, you should probably acquiesce - you won't regret it!)

    17 Scorpio Man: He'll Prepare You For A Rough Ride

    If you were expecting gentle lovemaking or some romantic massage, you certainly won't be getting it with a Scorpio man! This sign is notorious for being a rough-and-tumble kind of lover, the type to bring the whips and chains versus the satin sheets and scented candles. Guys born under this sign get bored by regular vanilla nookie and need something a lot spicier to keep their interest, which is why Fifty Shades of Grey seemed totally tame to them!

    While a Scorpio dude isn't likely to break into full BDSM (especially with someone new), he will probably get a little rougher and rowdier than you might have expected. If you find yourself being a little bit more subdued in the bedroom, the Scorpio guy will definitely pull the darker side out of you, and if you've been wanting to express a fantasy for a while, this sign is definitely open-minded enough to try out pretty much anything!

    16 Sagittarius Man: His Willingness To Take the Lead

    Some ladies are a little shy when it comes to expressing what they're looking for in a lover. If that sounds like you, you'd better get yourself a Sagittarius guy, stat! Dudes born under this zodiac sign love to take the lead in the bedroom, being the extroverts that they are. They are known to exude dominance and strength when they get it on, and taking the lead is something they do best.

    Since this sign is known for their open mind and love of freedom of expression, this guy will take you to pleasure places you've never experienced before. While they might be dominant when you two are tangled up in each other, they'll never make you feel uncomfortable. Since they want to experience everything at least once, they're bound to be imaginative and creative in bed, and will switch things up before you can even catch your breath.

    15 Capricorn Man: He's The Master Of The Waiting Game

    Guys born under this sign of the zodiac are known for always being up for a challenge. They're usually chomping at the bit to prove themselves, especially because they have a drive and determination that is unparalleled. Because of that, these dues are in it for the long haul, if you catch our drift. They're the furthest thing from one-minute men!

    Going for a marathon rather than a sprint lets the Capricorn man show off his s*xual prowess, and since they believe that the best things in life come from hard work, they pull out all the stops to make sure you have a great time. This sign is also all about the self-control, too, so he loves to be brought to the brink over and over again before you and he finally allow him to reach that pinnacle of pleasure. Delayed gratification for the Capricorn dude makes the end result that much sweeter.

    14 Aquarius Man: His Experimental Excitement

    You won't get stuck in a rut with dudes born under the sign of Aquarius! Known for their eccentricities and energy, this guy hates to do the same-old, same-old in bed and would rather switch things up for a new experience every time! So much of this zodiac sign's life is spent travelling and discovering new things, free of restrictions, and that penchant for newness and novelty isn't likely to change in the bedroom!

    Experimentation is the go-to bedroom move an Aquarius man likes to whip out, which means one sexy evening with him differs from one person to the next - and even one day to the next! If you're sick of having a vanilla life, an Aquarius man will happily show you a whole new world that entices both your body and your mind, because this sign understands the importance of involving both when you're getting intimate. Win-win!

    13 Pisces Man: His Mindset Is: "Yours, Mine, & Ours"

    It sounds almost mythical, but Pisces guys are able to achieve the illustrious simultaneous O when he gets busy! Men born under this zodiac are so in tune with their emotions and their minds that they know what works and what doesn't for their lady-love. Getting it on is a deeply personal experience for a Pisces guy, and that connection of body, mind, and soul is the secret formula for him to ensure that you both climax together.

    While this is a difficult stunt to pull off for most other signs, the Pisces guy is inherently selfless, so he'll do whatever he has to to bring you to the peak of happiness. And for him, seeing you in the throes of ecstasy turns him on enough that he only needs a slight nudge to get the rest of the way! Whatever you want, whichever way you want it, a Pisces guy is there for you, and he only needs one session to have you coming back for more.

    Her Best Antic, Based On Her Sign:

    12 Aries Woman: Her Nature Is To Take Charge

    Aries ladies are leaders in the boardroom and the bedroom, and guys love this girl's ability to take charge when it comes to getting naughty. An Aries woman's innate confidence allows her to fully enjoy herself without feeling self-conscious or insecure, and guys see that and respond to it in very positive ways. She probably has quite the laundry list of satisfied conquests!

    Choosing positions that have you calling the shots and ordering your partner around are par for the course for ladies born under Aries. While the Aries girl doesn't always have to be the dominant force between the sheets (she needs a guy who can match her in terms of ability and confidence), she knows what she likes and she intends to get it. No one will ever accuse the Aries woman of just laying there or being unenthusiastic, because even if the guy she's with isn't a Casanova, she'll make sure she gets hers!

    11 Taurus Woman: She Knows Exactly How To Play With Her Food

    Bringing food into the bedroom can be a tricky thing, but Taurus girls see no issue with combining two of their favourite things: food and s*x. Taurus women are born under a sign that loves the sensual appetites of the body and they will indulge themselves without a care in the world. Strawberries, melted chocolate, whipped cream, champagne, or naughty flavoured treats are all a fun way for this sign to have their cake and eat it too.

    Other signs might worry about the mess that such an experience would cause, but Taurus girls revel in it and know that they'll clean up later, but there's no rush. Instead of waiting to get frisky after dinner and dessert, this sign prefers to combine all three for a trip through sensual and delicious delights. Although the people they take into their bedroom may be a bit unsure at first, the gentle force that a Taurus uses to convince their conquests will have them licking off all kinds of sweetness!

    10 Gemini Woman: She'll Rock Being The Third Party

    Gemini, you naughty girl! So playful and energetic, this sign isn't the least bit intimidated by the possibility of introducing a third person into the bedroom - in fact, it's usually her idea! Since girls under this sign can be difficult to please, being notoriously fickle, they'd much rather have another person to keep their interest in the (likely) event that they get bored.

    Being born of the twins, this sign has male and female attributes, meaning that she's not a stickler for who the third person between the sheets is. Super adaptable and curious about learning new things, the Gemini girl looks at the addition of a third member as an exciting challenge and one she's more than willing to take on! Always unexpected, you like to make a romp in the hay a party and, if you're feeling it, you're in the mind of the more the merrier!

    9 Cancer Woman: She's The Ultimate Post-Cuddler

    Rather than being focused on the actual act of getting it on, Cancer ladies are all about the aftermath - and the afterglow, for that matter. While they enjoy doing the deed, Cancer women are romantics at heart and truly appreciate getting close to someone in a way that doesn't need to involve their naked bodies. Caring and submissive, Cancer girls like being spooned after doing the horizontal mambo, and cuddling up with someone they just got close to warms them up.

    To get it in with a Cancer woman in the first place, you have to show some level of emotional intelligence and sensitivity, otherwise this sign is out. Even after getting it in, a Cancer girl needs their lover to cuddle up with them afterwards, too, or else they'll become clingy and difficult to deal with. Even if you're not in a touchy-feely mood after you've gotten your rocks off, the Cancer woman makes it so connected to the act, it's like “after-play”.

    8 Leo Woman: She's Such A Show-Off

    It's no secret that Leo ladies love the spotlight, and what better stage for them than the bedroom? They already feel pretty good about having brought a guy back to their place, but the next step to stroking the Leo woman's ego is to show him an amazing time he won't ever forget. In addition to choosing positions that don't just work for her but also put her beauty and body on display, a Leo woman likes to give her guy a little show first. A sexy striptease or sensual dance get her in the mood, but also allow her an opportunity to watch her man's eyes fixated on her and only her. She already has plenty of confidence, but getting an additional boost before she rocks his world is always a good thing! Fortunately for Leo ladies, their generous nature means they're giving their dude a mind-blowing time while also ensuring that they experience something amazing as well!

    7 Virgo Woman: Nobody Tops Playing The Vixen

    “Virgo” technically means “virgin”, but this sign is anything but once the bedroom door closes! In your life, you spend most of your time buttoned up and doing what you're supposed to, but when the clothes come off, the bada** comes out! Virgo ladies love to bring out their wild side once they've felt comfortable enough with a person to bring them to bed (which, to be honest, is the only way anyone will get between the sheets with a Virgo). Getting a little wild is outside the norm for ladies under this zodiac sign, and they can indulge their more risqué fantasies without feeling insecure about it.

    Since this sign enjoys taking control in their, they prefer to keep someone else under their thumb when things get X-rated. Playing the dominatrix isn't unheard of for this sign, because finally, they get a chance to be the boss instead of being the one taking the marching orders.

    6 Libra Woman: Leave It Up To Her To Spice Things Up

    We already know that Libra likes to switch it up, but Libra ladies are especially spontaneous when it comes to getting it on. When the mood takes them, they don't care where they are, they'll go for it now! Ruled by Venus, getting it in is always on this sign's mind, and they simply can't help themselves when the mood strikes! A romantic dinner for two can turn into an unexpected romp in a restaurant bathroom, and a relaxing hike in nature can lead to the two of you pressed against the tree taking in something other than the view!

    Variety is the spice of life for women born under this sign, and Libra ladies don't let such boring things like bedrooms and mattresses dictate when they can get it on. These ladies hate to be alone, and so they'll often be coupled up, which gives them the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, indoors, and everywhere in between as they get down to business!

    5 Scorpio Woman: She's A Real Freak In The Sheets

    For Scorpio women, s*x is like their religion. There is nothing they haven't tried (or at least considered) and few kinks or fetishes faze them. When they're getting it on with someone, they love to unleash their freaky side and take their guy for a wild ride unlike anything he has ever seen before. Seriously, anything goes for this sign, as long as you ask nicely - or maybe not so nicely, depending on how they're feeling!

    Passion is one of the key traits of the Scorpio girl, and every move they pull in the bedroom is done with great enthusiasm. Not only are they having a great time, but they want their partner to have a great time, too! Scorpio ladies know that they have a lot to live up to, owing to their zodiac, but they happily take on the challenge. The appetite for doing the dirty in this sign is unparalleled and even if they look demure in their everyday life, they will shock you with what they can pull off between the sheets.

    4 Sagittarius Woman: Her Flawless Spontaneity

    We have one word for this sign: quickies! Quickies are the best way to get with women born under this sign, and they're in fact their preferred method! Sagittarius ladies are notoriously fickle and changeable, with a flightiness that can make them annoying as friends but great as flings. Spontaneity is how these girls live their lives, which is why they love the thrill that comes with taking their guy right then and there, no matter where they are.

    Since Sag girls usually have big plans that involve lots of travel, they're also drawn to quickies as a way to squeeze in every experience without sacrificing anything else. Plus, since they have an open mind towards pretty much everything, they're not shy about potentially getting caught in a public place or contorting their bodies into a strange new position. So, while we say it's their go-to “bedroom” move, ladies under this star sign don't even need the bedroom!

    3 Capricorn Woman: She'll Show You Who's Boss In The Bedroom

    Capricorn girls are used to calling the shots and getting what they want in the rest of their life, so why would they stop when it comes to getting it on? These ladies like to get into full dominatrix mode and order their man around! Unlike other signs, who prefer a break from their aggressive of passive personalities, Capricorn women are fully confident in who and what they are, and they love taking it up a notch when they're getting it in.

    Instead of relying on props - which some Capricorn girls might consider lazy - these women prefer to let their voice and body language do the work for them. They have a natural commanding presence which they really come into when they're ordering a lover to do their bidding. Despite being considered a more modest sign of the zodiac, Capricorn girls will go all out in a dom-sub style relationship that ensures they always stay on top.

    2 Aquarius Woman: She'll Make A Game Of It And Be The Greatest Tease

    Speaking of props, the playful and eccentric Aquarius loves to bring toys into the bedroom for a plethora of new experiences. Ladies born under this sign of the zodiac are naturally open-minded, so the prospect of introducing a new tool to use fills them with excitement rather than intimidation.

    Unlike other signs who might wait until a relationship has been established before bringing out something extra, Aquarius women are known to run from emotional expression, so if they waited for intimacy, they'd never have any fun! No taboo toy is too much for these women, who like having a variety to choose from and experiment with. Seriously, it's like their bedside tables are the shelves of an adult store! Introducing something lighthearted and fun, like ticklers or naughty games, or something a little kinkier appeal to the Aquarius girl's open mind and original imagination. (And don't worry, she already knows how all this stuff works!)

    1 Pisces Woman: She'll Lure You Into The Steamiest Phone Calls

    If you're looking to hit up a Pisces girl for some lovin', you'd better have a way with words! This sign thrives on the ability to communicate, which they think is essential for a successful relationship, but they also like a little creativity.

    Pisces women need a little bit more time to stoke those inner fires, since they're such a sensitive and sentimental member of the zodiac, and using your phone to text them dirty messages or give them a call so they can hear all the sexy things you have planned is a big turn-on for this sign. Since they are also known to have a way with words and often choose artistic career pursuits, they'll show you exactly what other talents their nimble fingers have! The daydreaming nature of the Pisces woman means that she can spin elaborate fantasies with such intense description, it'll feel like they're actually happening - and if you're lucky, she'll make sure they do!